door mat outdoor

Choose Your Door Mats Outdoor Wisely

Door mats outdoor is very important for your house. It will make your house cleaner. Why it will be cleaner by this outdoor mat? We know that the main function if the mat is to clean our foot when we want to enter the house. It is clear that by this outdoor mat, it will make our house cleaner because our foot is clean when we enter the house. Usually, […]

rubber backing

Rubber Door Mat for Your Safer Wet Floor

Rubber door mat usually is used in the outside of your house or in the bathroom. Why it have to place in those places? Because usually, this rubber mat is used to decreases you from the fall because of wet floor, particularly in bathroom. We know that bathroom is wet because of our activity in the bathroom itself such as taking a bath, and other. It makes the floor wet, […]

double french doors dimensions

Double French Doors for Your Brighter House

Double French doors are similar with the single French doors. From the name, we can conclude that it is has double doors. That is right that this doors style is similar with the single one, but has two ore French doors. Actually, the simple way to explain this style of doors is it is two French doors in one frame of doors. Usually, it is used in big house or […]

french style closet doors

Make It Safe with This French Closet Doors

French closet doors has similarity with the French doors in common, it has two doors in one border. You can open it just the one door or both of them. The difference between this two doors are the closet doors are use in closet room. It means it is not place in public room such as guest room or main room, but it is use in private room such as […]

french double door

French Doors with Screens for Your Better Circulation

French doors with screens are beautiful doors design for your home. It is suitable for you who want to make your home nice and fresh. French doors are a kind of doors that will make your house bright and fresh with air in and out your house. The doors itself is two-doors in the borders. It has big size and it has glass to protect your house. It is thin […]

french door window treatments curtains

The Easy Treatment for French Door Window Treatments

French door window treatments are need a lot of consideration because you of course don’t want to make the style of the window and the door ruin just because of the wrong treatment, am I right? People who love anything about French style will take care of everything that has correlation with French in a very good way. They don’t want the style lose its beauty because they really admire […]