swivel rocker chairs for living room

Good Quality Swivel Chairs for Living Room

Swivel chairs for living room are a good idea. Living room function perhaps is not as vital as the function of kitchen or bathroom, but when it comes to decorating, most people might choose living room as the spot to get decorate more. Indeed living room is important in representing the whole look of your house. Your visitors or guests perhaps would not step into your other room; usually they […]

shabby chic room decor

Decorating Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby chic living room looks classy and conventional, but it is in now. Having this design in your living room can make you feel like living in the classic movie of middle centuries. It is indeed important for us to decorate our living room more than the other part inside house. Living room is the spot where you welcoming and serving guests and visitors. That is why designing your living […]

living room paint color schemes

Applying Color Schemes for Living Room to Get Fresher Look

Color schemes for living room are available in so many options. To pick some colors scheme for your living room, you perhaps take some extra time because you have to consider more. In case you are choosing a color scheme for your own bedroom, you need only to think about yourself; what colors scheme you like the most and what dominant color you will apply. But in case you are about […]

pottery barn living room chairs

Applying Pottery Barn Living Room

Pottery barn living room can be one idea to make your living room get a different look but still beautiful. When it comes to decorating house, perhaps most of us will concern more upon the living room since this room is indeed the room that becomes spot for welcoming and entertaining visitors or guests. As secondary function, living room also sometimes becomes the place for the family to gather, moreover […]

cheap pool landscape ideas

Choosing Pool Landscaping Ideas

Pool landscaping ideas are one of inspiration you can apply to make your house get some decorative touch. When it comes to installing pool, there are basically two options; first is to install an indoor pool inside your house and the second is to install an outdoor pool outside your house. No matter what option you go, both of them can be some decorative spot which add more beauty to […]

easy landscaping ideas

Applying Simple Landscaping Ideas to Your Lawn

Simple landscaping ideas are in nowadays. Before the art of simple design spread to the society, and people design their house – actually almost their anything – with a simpler design, there are thoughts that saying if you design your house more complicated, more luxurious it be. Those thoughts are now out of date and you can still get the luxurious look by applying simple design, including to your lawn. […]